Lingnan 5.0 Film Project 嶺南5.0電影系列

為慶祝嶺南大學在香港復校50周年,視覺研究系特意籌劃《嶺南5.0電影系列》,並邀請名導演杜琪峰 、Mary Stephen、潘恆生、黃修平及賴恩慈分別製作五套微電影,表現香港獨有的故事及歷史價值。

身兼計劃創意顧問、本身亦是嶺大榮譽院士的杜琪峰,現正需要大家的參與,以助他完成其作品 - 杜Sir欲募集一些創意無限,並與「博雅」相關的短片、漫畫、相片、畫作、音樂或其他藝術媒介,作為他製作微電影的元素,並會剪輯成為15分鐘短片。杜Sir的作品與其餘四位導演的短片,將同於2018年6月上旬舉行的首映禮中播出。


有興趣的朋友, 請同來參與此項活動,就讓大家一起體現「博雅」精神吧!(欲知詳情,請參閱以下資料。)

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Lingnan University’s Re-establishment in Hong Kong, the Department of Visual Studies has been privileged to engage five renowned local filmmakers to make short films for this special occasion. Among them is iconic Director Dr Johnnie To, a Lingnan Honorary Fellow, who is also the creative consultant for the project.

Dr To now needs your help to complete his part of the project. He will be collecting original video clips, comics, photos, paintings, music and work in other media formats from the public. He will then turn selected entries into a 15-minute short film entitled “Liberal Arts”. The film, along with others made by Directors Mary Stephen, Poon Hang Sang, Adam Wong and Lai Yan Chi will be shown at a special premiere in June 2018.

Lingnan is a liberal arts university which aims to nurture cultured, all-round global citizens via small-class teaching, a rich campus life and international exchange opportunities. If you have come across scenes that represent this on or outside campus - students or people of different backgrounds and nationalities communicating, using their knowledge, or expressing truth, justice, mercy or sympathy - we want to know. Please capture the moment, or any other subject that exemplifies “liberal arts” and whole-person education, and send your work to us for inclusion in Dr To's project.

Please join us and Dr To in capturing the beautiful aspects of our society and contributing to our history.

For details of how to submit entries, please see below.


* 必須填寫

After you press SUBMIT button, we will email you FTP’s link and password for you to upload your file. Thank you.

Submission deadline : 31/1/2018

+ 投稿者須為香港永久性居民並擁有香港居留權、或香港入境權、或有權在香港逗留而不受任何逗留條件限制、即在香港智能身分證出生日期下印有A (香港居留權)、R (香港入境權) 或U (有權在香港逗留而不受任何逗留條件限制)。有關香港智能身分證上的符號析義,請瀏覽入境事務網頁

+ Those participating in ‘Liberal Arts’ video entries (hereinafter as “Participants”) must be Hong Kong permanent residents, who have the right of abode or the right to land or to remain in Hong Kong without restriction, i.e. the letter “A”, “R” or “U” should appear below the date of birth on their HK Smart ID card. For details of the meaning of symbols, please visit the website of the Immigration Department

條款及細則 (Terms & Conditions)

查詢:(852) 2616-8989 或電郵致
Enquiries: (852) 2616-8989 or email to

Please upload file in the following format 請按以下格式上傳文件

相片規格 (必須原創)

解像度:最少達 1920px (闊) x 1080px (高)
檔案大小:不少於 1MB
檔案格式:.jpg / .jpeg / .png / .tiff

Specifications for Photos (must be original)

Total Number: Maximum 20 items  
Resolution: Not less than1920px (W) x 1080px (H)
File size: Not less than 1MB
File format: .jpg / .jpeg / .png / .tiff

影片規格 (必須原創)

解像度:最少達 720px (闊) x 480px (高)
檔案格式:.mp4 / .mov / .mpeg / .avi / .wmv

Specifications for Video (must be original)

Resolution: At least 720px (W) x 480px (H)
Length: Between 3 and 15 minutes
File format: .mp4 / .mov / .mpeg / .avi / .wmv

音樂規格 (必須原創)

音樂泛指音樂 / 配樂、歌曲、聲效
檔案格式:.wav / .flac / .m4a / .mp3

Specifications for Music (must be original)

Music refers to songs / music, soundtracks and sound effects
Length: No more than 3 minutes
File format: .wav / .flac / .m4a / .mp3

漫畫規格 (必須原創)

檔案格式 / .aps

Specifications for Comics (must be original)

Total Number: Maximum 20 pieces or items 
File format: .ai / .aps

畫作規格 (必須原創)

檔案大小:不少於 1MB
像素:不少於 300 dpi
檔案格式:.jpg / .jpeg / .png / .tiff

Specifications for Paintings (must be original)

Total Number: Maximum 10 pieces or items 
File size: Not less than 1MB
Resolution: Not less than 300 dpi
File format: .jpg / .jpeg / .png / .tiff